Patient and Patron Resources

The ZSFG Library

PLEASE NOTE: the library itself is currently closed for remodeling, but many library services are available! Please read our remodeling page for more information.


The ZSFG Library is open to patients and the general community. Here is a list of what you can do in the library.

Go Online

The Library has 8 computers that are free for anyone to use for browsing the web. The time limit is 2 hours per day, per user. The computers have Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer installed. The library has charging stations for smartphones and other electronic equipment free of cost.

Research Your Health Conditions

The Library’s online databases are available for any library visitor to use. Library staff are available to help visitors find the health information they need from trustworthy sources. These websites include MedlinePlus, DynaMed, Nursing Reference Center, and HealthWise.  Patients are also encouraged to ask our UCSF Patient Support Experts for further assistance.

Read and Relax

The library offers a collection of print books for patients called “ZSFG Reads.” ZSFG Reads includes books for patients to learn more about common health conditions as well as novels, biographies, general nonfiction or even children’s books for you to borrow. Two books from ZSFG Reads can be checked out at a time for two weeks each.

Print Your Documents

The library offers printing as well as photocopying. Each page costs 35 cents. Payment is accepted by cash or coin. Bills over $5 cannot be accepted.

Get Help with Technology

Library staff are available to help beginners use computers, email, and the internet. We can also help patrons learn how to use their own smart-devices.

Reserve a Library Room

Patients can also reserve a library classroom for learning or patient related activities. Click here to reserve a room online

Our Staff Welcome You To the Library!

ZSFG Library staff