These policies are drawn from the UCSF Library Policies, found here: https://www.library.ucsf.edu/about/policies


Borrowing Privileges

All patrons are welcome to check out materials in our ZSFG Reads collection. No card is required. See the ZSFG Reads page for more information.

Books in the UCSF Library collection can be borrowed by UCSF and ZSFG staff, faculty, and students who are eligible for a UCSF borrowing account. These books can be delivered to ZSFG via interlibrary loan and picked up at the ZSFG Library.

Conduct Policy

The Library’s collections and services have been designed for ZSFG and UCSF faculty, students, staff, and patients in support of the library’s mission to connect patients and providers with high quality information to enable evidence-based decisions.

The ZSFG Library seeks to provide all users with:

  • A library environment free of disruptive activity

  • Access to well managed and diverse library research collections

  • Knowledgeable staff.

Ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all users requires that each user of the library follow the ZSFG Library Conduct Policy and refrain from specific abuses and offenses. Use of the ZSFG Library is a privilege, not a right. These guidelines pertain to all library facilities.

Rules of Use

  1. Users must not engage in any behavior that interferes with the normal use of the library, interferes with library user or staff comfort, safety, and the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the library. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Making unreasonable noise or other disturbance, including disruptive use of personal communications or entertainment devices.

    • Unreasonable use of the library restrooms, including laundering and bathing.

    • Strong, pervasive odors, including odors caused by perfume or cologne that unreasonably interfere with library user or staff comfort, safety, use, or peaceful enjoyment of the library.

    • Removing shirts or shoes or using blankets for sleeping.

  2. Users must not interfere with an employee’s performance of his/her duties or the activities of those studying in the Library. Such behavior includes but is not limited to verbal abuse, intimidation, sexual harassment or harassment on account of race, religion, ethnic background, gender or sexual orientation. Harassing or threatening library users or staff is not permitted.

  3. Users cannot sleep in the library. 

  4. Library materials, equipment, or property must not be taken from the library without proper checkout or authorization. Library materials must be returned following the appropriate lending period or by request. Library materials must not be concealed in the library for the exclusive use of an individual or a group.

  5. Mutilating library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages, or in any way defacing library property is not allowed. This includes damage to computer systems, networks, programs or data.

  6. Vandalizing or defacing the library building, furniture, or equipment is not permitted. Users must also not move library furniture or equipment from where it is stationed.

  7. Users are required to pay the library for fee-based services and lost or damaged materials.

  8. Users must follow posted guidelines on the use of equipment and electronic resources, and all ZSFG, UC, and UCSF computer use policies. See UCSF IT Standards and Policies.

  9. Users must observe applicable intellectual property laws, including the United States Copyright Laws.

  10. Food and drink are not allowed in the library, with a few exceptions. See Food and Drink Policy for more details.

  11. Smoking, vaping (using e-cigarettes or other electronic nicotine dispensers), or using smokeless tobacco in the library or directly outside the library entrance is not permitted.

  12. Users are responsible for their personal property, and are not allowed to store their personal possessions in the library.

  13. Users must not enter unauthorized areas of the library, or remain in the library after closing or when requested to leave during emergency situations, drills or when not abiding by the ZSFG Library Conduct Policy.

  14. Children must be accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver and under appropriate supervision at all times. The Library cannot assume responsibility for children left unattended. In addition:

    • Children are expected to abide by all library user conduct and security policies.

    • Children or adolescents, under the age of 14, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when using public workstations.

    • The ZSFG Sheriff’s Department will be called for unaccompanied children to ensure the safety of the child and to assist in locating a parent or guardian.

  15. Bicycles are not permitted in the library. Wheeled vehicles may not be parked in unauthorized areas or near the library entrance.

  16. Animals, other than service animals assisting persons with disabilities, are not permitted inside library facilities or within 10 feet of any door.

  17. Unauthorized firearms or other deadly weapons, explosives and/or explosive devices, or other dangerous devices are not permitted in the library.

  18. We have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harrassment. This includes but is not limited to: inviting staff members on dates, use of diminuitives or pet names for staff, or inappropriate conversation or questions.

Persons who are unwilling to abide by these regulations will be asked to leave, and those refusing to do so may be subject to removal by sheriffs and/or arrest, and may not be allowed further access to the ZSFG Library and Archives.

More information about the Library’s Code of Conduct, including suspensions for violations, can be found here: 



Appropriate Use of Licensed Electronic Resources

Access, use, and reproduction of the majority of electronic resources made available through the ZSFG Library are governed by license agreements between the Library and publishers or vendors. ZSFG Library patrons must make reasonable and good faith efforts to comply with these license agreements.

Users of licensed electronic resources shall:

  • Limit use to non-commercial, educational, or personal research purposes

  • Not facilitate unauthorized access by others (i.e. do not share your network username and password)



Printing, downloading or quoting of limited amounts of information (with proper attribution)

Systematic downloading of large amounts of information (e.g. downloading all articles in a single journal issue; engaging in large-scale downloading from licensed resources)

Copying of an article for personal use in teaching or research

Selling or distributing articles to individuals, institutions, or organizations for commercial purposes

Creating a link to a journal article on a publisher web site

Posting of a copy of a published article to a restricted access or publicly accessible site (e.g. Wiki@UCSF, departmental web site)

Publishers monitor the usage of electronic resources to verify compliance with licensing agreements. Non-compliance can result in the blockage of a registered IP address or suspension of access for the entire university network.

Once notified of a breach by the publisher, the Library is obligated to initiate an investigation through UCSF ITS Security, to identify the source of the violation.


Food and Drink Policy

Food and drink are not allowed in the Library, with a few exceptions. The following policy applies.

  • Bottles that can be fully closed are welcome in the Library, as are coffee cups with sealed lids.

  • There is a water cooler in the Library provided for patron use. Drinking water out of the small water cups provided for that purpose is allowed. Please dispose of cups in trash cans after use, as they can leak if water is left in them.

  • We realize that accidents can happen. If you spill water on a book or journal, please bring it to the front desk as soon as possible. You will not be charged for damages. The Library will be able to handle cleaning the item more easily if they receive it quickly. If you find damage to a book or journal you are using, or if you notice a spill on furniture or the floor, please notify staff at a service desk as soon as possible.

Food is allowed only in conference room 3208. Patrons are responsible for cleaning up food messes in 3208 after their meeting and for disposing of all trash. The library does not provide or coordinate catering services.


Printing Policies

This document explains the terms and conditions governing the use of the ZSFG Library Printing Service. By using this service, you agree to abide by the policies and guidelines set forth in this document. This document may change from time to time. Notice of revisions will be announced on this page. Continued use of Library printing by you will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions.​

  • Library staff will gladly provide assistance with the printer; however, staff members will not perform large or labor-intensive printing, copying, or scanning tasks for patrons (e.g., scanning several pages from a textbook).

  • Printing is free, but only and strictly for medical and medically-related texts and forms.


Conference Rooms

The Library has two conference rooms available for meetings. (PLEASE NOTE: 3208 will not be available for booking starting in October 2018 due to a long-term booking for electronic medical records training; we anticipate it will not be available again until 2020.)

  • To reserve a room, please use this booking page.

  • Rooms can be reserved by faculty, staff, and students of UCSF or ZSFG, by licensed health care professionals, or by researchers and educators from other educational institutions.

  • Meetings can only be scheduled during the library’s open hours. Conference rooms must be vacated by 4:50pm at the latest.

  • Food and drink are only permitted in room 3208, not in room 3101. For more information, see our Food and Drink Policy.

  • The key to the conference room can be picked up before the scheduled meeting at the library front desk. Patrons are responsible for turning off the lights, locking the room, and returning the key when their meeting is finished.

  • If you no longer need the conference room, please call us to cancel your reservation as soon as possible so we can make the space available to other patrons.

  • If you or your group is more than 30 minutes late for a previously booked session, the room will be released and made available on a first-come/first-serve basis.

For more information, please visit our Conference Rooms page.


Privacy Policy

The ZSFG Library supports privacy as an essential element of intellectual and academic freedom.

In the course of providing library services, such as lending materials, interlibrary borrowing, and reference services, the Library acquires personally identifiable information about you, including your name, phone number, address, and items borrowed.

It is our goal to gather the minimum personal information necessary and to retain that information for the shortest amount of time required to complete transactions or provide service.

Information is sometimes kept for longer periods to allow for follow-up and enhance library services for our users.

Access to personal information is restricted to authorized staff who need it to conduct library business.

Personal information is never used for commercial purposes and it will not be revealed to any third party except by such process, order, or subpoena authorized by law.

The Library adheres to all ZSFG, UCSF, UC Libraries, and UC privacy policies, as well as California and Federal privacy legislation.

Library websites link to Internet sites and services outside the administrative domain of the Library. The privacy practices of external websites are not governed by the ZSFG Library. Although the Library makes every attempt to include user information protections in the license agreements, you should read the privacy statements at these sites to determine their practices.

If you have questions about this privacy statement, please contact us.


Users with Disabilities

The Library makes every effort to accommodate patrons with disabilities. Efforts have been made to have our 100-year-old building accessible to everyone. Staff will work with patrons on a case-by-case basis whenever possible to meet individual needs. Please plan ahead for assistance with special services.

Every effort will be made to assist you in an expeditious manner; however, existing workloads will be taken into consideration. The Library cannot guarantee provision of services on demand. Assistance will be provided for those activities that you are not able to complete on a self-service basis.

Email any questions you have or call in advance for best service.


Internet and Computer Use Policy

The ZSFG Library provides access to local, national and international resources that support the teaching, research, patient care and public service missions of ZSFG and UCSF. The faculty, students and staff of ZSFG/UCSF receive priority access to Library services, including access to Library workstations and Internet resources. Members of the public have limited access on a space-available basis to workstations in the Library building.

Selection of Internet Resources

The Internet offers access to valuable local, national and international sources of information. Material represented as direct links from the Library's homepage are carefully chosen following established collection development guidelines. Library staff will attempt to keep these links updated in order to direct searchers toward high quality resources that meet the missions of the campus. The Library does not censor, monitor or control information on linked web resources.

General Disclaimer

Users of Library resources assume all responsibility and risk for the use of those resources. ZSFG/UCSF disclaims all warranties, representations and endorsements, express or implied, with regard to information accessed from or via Library resources, including but not limited to all express and implied warranties, including the warranty of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, and freedom from computer virus. ZSFG/UCSF does not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information disclosed at or accessed through Library resources. In no event shall ZSFG/UCSF be liable for any direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages, or any other damages of whatsoever kind resulting from whatever cause, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of profits, loss of data, or theft of or damage to laptop computers, whether in an action under theories of contract, negligence, or strict liability, or otherwise, arising out of or in any way in connection with the use or performance of the information on, or accessed through, Library resources. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties in certain situations, so the foregoing disclaimer may or may not apply to you, either in whole or in part.

Reference in Library resources to any products, services, processes, hypertext links, or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply ZSFG’s or UCSF’s endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation.


Public Use Computer Policy

The ZSFG Library provides access to local, national and international resources that support the teaching, research, patient care and public service missions of ZSFG.

Acceptable Use

The Library's Public Access area and Computer Lab were established for the completion of course assignments, checking e-mail, and researching health-related topics. The public access computers in the front area are designated for use by patients, patients’ family members, and members of the general public. Use of the library’s Computer Lab is restricted to faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the University of California at San Francisco and/or San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center. Those found in violation of these guidelines may forfeit the privilege of using the Library's computing facilities.

Use of library computers shall be guided by the following principles:

Respect for the privacy of other users.

Attention to the legal protection provided by copyright and license to programs and data.

Consideration for the integrity of computing systems; for example, users shall not harass other users or infiltrate a computer or computing system, or damage or alter the software components of this or other computing systems.

Unacceptable Use

It is not acceptable to use the library's computers for viewing pornography or any purposes which violate U.S. or state laws, to transmit threatening, obscene, or harassing materials, or to interfere with or disrupt network users, services or equipment. Disruptions include, but are not limited to: distribution of unsolicited advertising, propagation of computer worms and viruses, using the network to make unauthorized entry to any other machine accessible via the network, and purposes violating the policies and procedures of the University of California or San Francisco General Hospital.

Users may not represent themselves as another person.

Use of the Library workstations is for legal purposes only. Use of the workstations for any illegal purposes, including software piracy, is not permitted. Most Library software is protected by copyright, Title 17, United States Code, Section 101. Do not copy software if you are unsure of the license agreement information.

Software programs may not be installed on the library's computers.

If any user abuses, misuses or engages in any use of the computer equipment of software not authorized by the site, or introduces a virus, the user will be prohibited from using this service. Users are liable if they permanently or temporarily damage any equipment or software.

Accuracy of Information

The Library makes no attempt to censor or control the content of information available on the Internet. The Library specifically disclaims any warranty as to the information's accuracy, authoritativeness, timeliness, usefulness or fitness for a particular purpose. The Library shall have no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages related to the use of the information contained herein.

Availability of Workstations

Work stations are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Members of the public are asked to register at the Circulation Desk and to limit their computer time to one hour per day.

Viruses and Lost Data

The library makes every effort to protect users from the risks of viruses or lost data, but we cannot guarantee that software on our machines is free from defects or viruses. Please, ALWAYS maintain backup copies of your data.

Cell Phone Charging

Cell phones cannot be charged using the computers. Please use the power strips mounted on the carrel shelves if you need to charge your phone.  Phones can be charged via regular plugs and via USB connections.  

Saving Data

If you wish to download files from the Internet or save documents you have created, please bring your own flash drive or other storage device. Software and data left on hard drives by users are removed on a regular basis.

Hardware and Software Problems

Please report any hardware and software problems you encounter to Library staff.


Remember that the Library's computing facilities are a place where students, faculty, and staff come to work. If you need to talk, please speak quietly so that others are not distracted. Please do not use your cell phone in the library.

Equipment Policy

Patrons may borrow headphones while using library computers. A valid photo ID must be left at the front desk in order to borrow headphones.

User Responsibilities

The use of Library resources is a privilege and requires that individual users act responsibly. Users must respect the rights of other users, the integrity of the systems and related physical resources, and observe all applicable state and federal laws, hospital and university policy, and contractual obligations.